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Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations: Everything, For Everyone

It's vacation season, and there are golf courses around the world that are begging to be played. Grab your sunscreen, your suitcase, and your golf clubs -- it's time to hit the green!  But wait -- your dream golf vacation package would flow a lot smoother if you plan ahead a little. Where should you go?  Hawaii? The Dominican Republic? Maybe somewhere a little closer -- stay in the lower 48 and save some money -- right.  Let's swing over to Myrtle Beach. Golf vacations in the Myrtle Beach area can satisfy any level of skill, so anyone can have fun with them.

More importantly, Myrtle Beach is a tourist town. You might be familiar with this phenomenon -- if you go to a tourist town and act like a tourist, you can burn through a huge stack of money. But if you go to a tourist town and you're canny about it, you can mix and match the different offers and specials they use to lure tourists into overspending and make out like a bandit.

In the case of a Myrtle Beach golf vacation, it starts long before you leave, by talking to a professional travel agent. They have enough pull that if you're willing to plan your tee times out well in advance -- and prepay for them -- you can usually get a significant discount on your daily rounds, like 20% or 33%. The best part about doing this is that many golf courses also work with local restaurants and hotels, so that if you purchase a series of games on the links, you get a coupon good for reduced rates when you go out to eat dinner or book your hotel room.

You can also further cut prices by arranging for a group vacation -- gather 4 or 5 of your golfing buddies, gather money, split resources, and ask for further discounts on group games and such. If you can get organized and get a group together, you can often save another third off of your already-reduced price.

Now, you can't expect to stay at a grand ocean view resort where they'll offer your wife a day at the spa while you're out on the fairway. (With any luck, she'll be right there with you taunting you about your handicap.)  But you can expect a clean, decent sleeping place with free breakfast and a pool. 

Of course, if you bring a group, you can expect to have SOME people with you who would rather do something besides golf for SOME of the time. Fortunately, Myrtle Beach golf vacations don't have to be entirely about golf -- there are plenty of other things to do in the area. If you're willing to give them a stipend on which to enjoy themselves, they can hit up attractions like Ripley's and the amusement park. If not, there are plenty of free (or at least very inexpensive) places of immense beauty in Myrtle Beach, not the least of which is the Beach itself.

In short, Myrtle Beach golf vacations are perfect: low prices, dozens of killer links to choose between, and plenty for the non-golfers to occupy themselves with while you work on that slice. What else do you need?

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