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Games to Play on the Beach

It’s Spring break!  So, now that you’ve made it to the beautiful, sandy beach, what do you do? Well, there are tons of beach games that you, your family and friends can play while you’re at the ocean. Are you ready to have a good time? Check these out:

“Land Piranhas”

 First, be sure that there are no stones or shells where you will be playing. After securing a big enough area, get as many bandanas or plastic bands as there are people playing and stick them in the backs of your pants or swimsuits, letting them hang out. Now, without leaving the confined area, you must try to pluck the bandanas from each other’s beachwear and “live” as long as possible.


“Carry and Fill”

Place either buckets or bottles about 30 or 40 feet from the ocean in a line. The number of them depends on the amount of people playing. Then, with everyone using only their cupped hands, they must run back and forth from the ocean to their container and fill it up with water. Whoever finishes first wins a nice cool drink, bought by the losers.


“The Splash Game”

Okay, let me warn you…this game is not for someone who gets mad easily! Get a bucket of any size, your choice. Then, get some cards that you can write on and number them from 1 to however many people are playing (EX. If there are 4 players label them 1-4, 9 players 1-9 and so on). Put them all in a bag. Whoever goes first pulls a card from the bag and doesn’t tell anyone what it is; they place it face down outside of the bag. That person scoops up a bucket full of ocean water then stands in the middle of the circle. He points at each person and they say a number between 1 and however many people are playing. Whoever calls out the number he picked from the bag gets splattered with the bucket of water! Whoever gets splashed puts the card back in the bag, shakes it, and picks another one.


Have fun at the beach!

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