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A Day of Things to Do at The Caravelle Resort

Let’s say, as a family, you flew in and you just want to relax, or you do have a vehicle but find being on vacation with constant outings away from the resort exhausting and expensive.  Reserve a vacation day dedicated to staying at your resort and relaxing and let Caravelle care for your family's all day needs. 

Wake up and take an in-room made cup of coffee out onto your balcony. Eat up breakfast at your resort room or at Santa Maria and prepare a cooler with drinks and snacks for the beach. Let the kids dine on cereal and toast before heading to the ground floor for a morning in the sun. 

Whether you post up on a pool side lounge chair or rent an already set up beach chair and umbrella out front of The Caravelle Resort from the lifeguards, you will soon have eyes closed and comfort set in to your just-a-tad-selfish vacation day.  With pool floats and sandcastle digging toys, and the resort's Wild Water Pool equipped with a water playground, your children will be happily occupied for hours.  As almost every child craves water fun, grab their hand and crash the waves or take plunge into the pool which is also fun for adults. 

Following a sun and water dowsed morning, everyone will be ready for a break and lunch.  The seasonal Marco Polo Pool Bar and Grill will serve up your thirst and hunger needs without you having to stray far from your lounge chair.  They have all your favorite lunch foods like chicken, burgers and hot dogs, as well as snacks and fun drinks.  The bar offers daiquiris, smoothies (with or without alcohol), beer and other adult and non-alcoholic beverages.

After the family is filled up on food they'll be ready to soak up more sun.  If you are all sufficiently burned but not ready for a nap, check out the on-site game room.  If your visit falls in the summer season, sign up the children for kids’ activities that go on every week day at The Caravelle Resort.  Games include, but are not limited to beach games, scavenger hunts, and arts and crafts.

Thanks to The Caravelle Resort, the sun, and some fun, the family will be all tuckered out.  Head back to the room for some showers and order in for dinner.  No better way to end a relaxing day than with pizza and a movie with your family in the comfort of your hotel suite.  When the sun goes down take a stroll on the beach if you're still craving the fresh outside air. 

You will appreciate your money well spent by utilizing The Caravelle Resort for all it has to offer.  Take a day and dedicate a home base stay that will be just as fun as going out on the town.

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