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What to Pack &amp; What to Leave at Home

So you’ve planned your vacation this summer for Myrtle Beach.  Traveling should be a fun and exciting process, but let’s face it … it’s not always carefree.  The most stressful part for me, comes before any traveling occurs - packing my suitcase.  It’s always, “what if this happens?  Then I might need this” or “I don’t really want to pack this, but what if it isn’t available when I get there?”.  We need to be prepared for anything right?  Not necessarily!  Here are a few quick tips to assist you in the packing department.

When travelling to Myrtle Beach, your suitcase should always include an outfit for warm weather and an outfit for cold weather – regardess of the time of year.  Though you may be traveling to a warmer climate, I have learned it can still get cool when the sun sets or your at a restaurant.  A sweater or light jacket is great to throw on if you get chilly.  Though most visitors to the Grand Strand wear flip flops, shorts, and other comfy clothes during their vacation, it’s always a good idea to pack a pair of comfortable sneakers as well as one “fancy” outfit.  With so many great restaurants and live shows in Myrtle Beach, you never know where your vacation may lead! 

Don’t forget you’re coming to the beach to enjoy the sun and sand … so don’t forget your swimsuit!!  One thing many people forget to pack is their beach towel.  Many resorts do not allow you to take their towels to the beach. Luckily if you forget, the Caravelle offers complimentary pool towel service during the summer season.  Other items I always wish I would remember to pack, but somehow always forget, is an extra pair of sunglasses, sun screen and vitamins.  You’ll also want to remember your cell phone, I-pad and chargers.

Now that you’re packed, are you looking for ways to make room in your suitcase?  Many resorts, including The Caravelle, have a business center with computers available for guests.  So you may want to think about leaving your bulky laptop at home.  Also, leave your hairdryer at home.  This is an item that should be provided for you.  Toiletries such as shampoo, soap and lotion are also often provided by hotels, and leaving these items at home can save a significant amount of space.  Personally, I will use that extra space for souveniers!  And the last thing you should leave at home when packing for a vacation…. all of your worries and stress!

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