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Pirates Cove Ice Cream Shop at The Caravelle

If you are already relaxing at the block-long poolscape at The Caravelle Resort, more than likely you won’t want to go through all the trouble of getting out of the water, going upstairs, showering, changing clothes, and leaving the resort just to grab a bite to eat or get a refreshing drink.


Hali Heichman is a server in the Pirates Cove Ice Cream Shop.

“I like being able to meet all the different people from all the different states that visit The Caravelle every week,” says the Columbus Ohio native, who is now a resident of Myrtle Beach. “A lot of the resorts guests have never visited the coast, and I like to see how they are enjoying being near the ocean for the first time.”


The best thing about Pirate’s Cove is the location of the shop itself. It’s adjacent to the pool, and you can feel free to walk inside with your swim gear still on without having to miss a second of what your friends are doing in the water. You can actually look straight through the glass at them while you are ordering your food! The shop has hot pizza by the slice, delicious submarine sandwiches, steamy hot dogs, giant pretzels, and of course, cold ice cream with flavors that range from Mint Chocolate to Reese’s Pieces.


“Even though it’s an ice cream shop, the most popular items for sale aren't ice cream,” says Hali. “In my experience working here, the first thing to go is usually the chicken tenders and wedges. The second thing is probably the pizza. We have cheese and pepperoni, and the slices are huge. I’m always calling the kitchen to bring out more, and they get here promptly every time. My customers are usually in and back out to the pool fast.”


When you visit the pool or lazy river at The Caravelle, look to the right and you’ll spot Pirate’s Cove Ice Cream Shop.

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