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Veteran’s Day 2013 in Myrtle Beach

By The Caravelle

Veterans Day in Myrtle BeachIn honor of Veteran’s Day 2013, the Grand Strand Patriotic Alliance will be holding a special ceremony at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center (2101 N. Oak Street) on the day before the actual holiday. On November 10th, there will be speakers from the ROTC programs across the area, live patriotic music played by the Socasstee High School Band, and a speech from the Medal of Honor recipient, Major General James Livingston.

Livingston was a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. On May 2nd, 1968, his battalion was separated after the enemy seized a town named Dai do. The only way that he could get his marines back together again was to go straight at the enemy over an open rice field. He and his men were under intense fire, but through skillful screening and strategy, they overcame their adversary.

Imagine being the leading officer and trying to keep your Marines motivated when the opposition on the dangerous war field seems to be so powerful. Capt. Livingston shouted influential words of encouragement as he and his men went straight towards the hardest gunfire. He was wounded a couple of times by grenade pieces, but he kept going forward until they drove the enemy out of their positions and lightened the load of the Marines that they were trying to get to through the town of Dai do.

The horrific scene then seemed to be over, but while Capt. Livingston’s men were removing U.S casualties, they got blindsided by another enemy battalion. The counter attack came at the worst possible time with him and his troops being terribly wounded from the first battle, but this fearless leader ignored medical attention. The heavily armed Marines that he’d just rescued needed a leader, and he bravely maneuvered his men as a rainstorm of bullets and grenades swamped them. With skill, persistence and heart, the U.S. Marine Battalion 2-D successfully defeated the enemy’s 2nd effort to overtake them.

Now, with a rank of Major General, Livingston tells his story across the country, and he will be at the Convention Center in Myrtle Beach the morning of November 10th, 2013. We at the Caravelle Resort and all over the Grand Strand salute our men and women in uniform this Veteran’s Day, 2013.

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