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Vacationing and Budgeting with Teens

Sabrina Dorfman's avatar By Sabrina Dorfman Follow me on Google+

One favorable attribute related to visiting Myrtle Beach and staying at The Caravelle Resort is that there is entertainment to suit everyone no matter which age or style. Myrtle Beach is teeming with things to do for teenagers and adults alike.  There are activities to explore together and there are places you may enjoy away from each other as well.  Top it all off with not bursting the wallet and you have yourself an ideal vacation. 

Take full advantage of Caravelle's awesome perks for their guests.  With multiple water amenities at the resort, it is almost too easy to catch a tan, or some shade and relax while your kids can do the same nearby.  This resort offers independence to your teens to choose which pool they prefer and has a choice of dining and snacking for them on their own without leaving the boundaries of Caravelle.

Saying no to your child when they ask for something is terribly difficult, but saying no to a teenager might be even harder.  Whether it be attractions, entertainment or shopping; kids want to go overboard with everything and do not comprehend having a budget on spending when it comes to vacation.  For these reasons it might be smart to give them an allowed amount of money to spend each day, and a choice of one or two activities to take part in each day.  There are many activities here that are fun for the whole family and are well within your means. 

Miniature Golf - When arriving in Myrtle Beach, it will not be hard to figure out why we are the Golf Capital of the USA.  Besides the plethora of golf courses around the area, there are dozens of miniature golf courses.  This outdoor sport can be played during the day or at night   depending on the location.  The VMB Card you receive when checking into The Caravelle Resort offers a variety of course options with discounts. 

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk - The Boardwalk is constantly bustling with people, entertainment, shopping, snacks shops, restaurants and bars.  Located on Ocean Boulevard, it is an ocean front, popular scene.  Between the nearby ocean, fabulous food, rides, arcades and attractions; it can be a wonderful way to spend a family fun day and night.  The teens might enjoy henna tattoos which start at just ten dollars.  There is also a Haunted House and a Ripley's Believe it or Not museum on the strip which can be enjoyed together as a family.  The Boardwalk also presents seasonal musical entertainment on an ocean front stage next to the SkyWheel and fireworks light up the sky over the water on select summer days. 

Pick an entertaining activity for you all to do together, budget how much shopping money you may handout and have a fabulous time spending a reasonable amount of money and making everyone happy.

For more attractions, entertainment and dining ideas in the Myrtle Beach area, visit http://www.thecaravelle/vmb/ and see all the coupons and discounts you may receive when using the VMB Card. 

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