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The Speed Slides at Family Kingdom!

By The Caravelle

I worked at Family Kingdom a few years ago as a lifeguard at the water park, so I’d like to tell you the most fun ride there. Hands down, it’s the Speed Slides!

When I was a lifeguard, I stood either at the bottom of the Speed Slides or way at the top as a sender. As individuals would climb the stairs to the top of the slide, they'd sometimes chicken out, but once someone takes the plunge, they usually go time and time again…it’s too much fun!

There are two speed slides - one that’s straight and super fast, and another with curves.  The thing to remember about the Speed Slides, is you have to take things out of your pockets – especially money – before sliding down.  After everything is off your person, simply take the steps and get ready for a heart-pumping trip.  Helpful hint … if you get on either slide with a t-shirt on, you’ll slide down slower.  So most of the guys go bareback, and the ladies wear form fitting swimsuits. One at a time from the top, you lay back, put your hands across your chest in an X, and shoot down the slide! The curvy one is the best, especially that last curve. There’s a little hop at the end…you’ll see what I’m talking about when you take your turn!

When I worked for Family Kingdon, I would position myself between the two slides at the bottom, blow the whistle, and point in the direction the sliders should exit.  If you are on the fast one, you exit right, and if you are on the curvy one, left.  Either way you go, you’re just a short walk back to the stairs to do it all again! I used to get so wet by the sliders, but I didn’t care. That was the beauty of lifeguarding at Family Kingdom; when it got hot, the sliders splashing me with water kept me cool all day long! 

So if you’re looking for a fun way to stay cool in the summer heat, head to the Speed Slides at Family Kingdom!  You’ll have a blast!

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