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The Bowery in Myrtle Beach

By The Caravelle

The Bowery has been serving up Country Music and cold beer since 1944!  It provides millions of patrons from around the world with genuine Southern hospitality, live bands, and waiters serving ice cold beer by the fistful!  “Scuba” Osborne is the current mug carrying record holder with an amazing 34 mugs in one trip -  without a tray!

Over the years, their featured performers have included April May who dances on the ceiling, Bouncin’ Betty, “The 300 pound Go-Go girl”, Count Desmond the world famous sword swallower, and “Don’t Cry Joe” Shotkus who poured beer at The Bowery from the day it opened until he passed in 1997. Years ago, Joe and his sister Mary set a marathon dancing record of 5,295 hours (7 months, 10 days, 15 hours) that still stands. In his younger days, “Don’t Cry Joe” delighted Bowery audiences by being packed in a coffin full of ice for as long as an hour! Brrrr!  Even with all these great performers, the Bowery is most well known for being home to the country super group, Alabama.  This world famous group was the house band at the Bowery from 1973-1980.  To this day, band members often drop in to visit with old friends.

The Bowery prides itself on being pretty much the same year to year, decade to decade, which sustains its popularity and helps it live up to its motto”Ya’ can’t beat fun”. In fact, you won’t find any kind of music except country coming from the stage, and if you want a cold beverage, your choice is very simple- an unnamed beer!

Along with great food and live music, The Bowery also provides indoor and outdoor seating, pool tables and a souvenir shop.  Located at 110 9th Ave North, just alongside the Boardwalk, the Bowery is just a few miles south of The Caravelle Resort.

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