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Remember September 11, 2001 at Candlelight Vigil

By The Caravelle

On September 11th, 2013, there is a Candlelight Vigil scheduled at 7:00 pm at 11 South Ocean Blvd. in North Myrtle to honor those that we lost on that tragic day 12 years ago in the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York.

Can you remember where you were on that day? I sure can. I was stationed on the USS Saipan (which is now decommissioned) in Portsmouth, Virginia at the time. Our boat had just finished a six-month cruise overseas and was in the ship yards getting repairs.

I remember waking up on a normal morning on the naval base and going down to get some chow. The entire mess deck (cafeteria) was quiet. I looked at the television and saw that at 8:46 that morning, a man named Mohammed Atta had hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 and crashed it into the North Tower of the World Trade Center between floors 93 and 99. Every U.S. Sailor on the barge where breakfast was being served was emotional and shocked, and the entire base was locked down immediately.

No military or civilian personnel could leave the area, so everyone began making phone calls, especially those men and women who had family in New York. Then, without warning, another plane crashed into floors 75 through 85 of the South Tower of the World Trade Center. This one was from United Airlines Flight 175, and instantly killed hundreds more people in the building and below.

It is important to remember what our country has been through. There will be many ceremonies held September 11th around the U.S., and if you are on the Grand Strand, please take time out to remember our past and visit 11 South Ocean Blvd. in North Myrtle Beach to reflect on this tragic event from 2001.

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