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The Caravelle Resort

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Dick’s Last Resort at Barefoot Landing

By The Caravelle

Dick’s Last Resort is labeled “The Shame O’ Barefoot Landing”. The food is great, but Ryan, Whitney, Brandy, and Frank (the rude, eccentric and funny servers) are sure to make your visit there a memorable one.  Known for the insulting service they provide, eating at Dick’s Last Resort is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Ryan - aka The Hot New Guy - walks around tables knocking off people’s paper hats, clowning his customers, and simply having a good time. Recently, a teenage boy asked him, “Do you have Dr. Pepper?” Ryan said in a girly voice, “Um…I’m sorry, we don’t have any Dr. Pepper here. We have Mr. Pibb. Will that work for you, Sweetheart?” The whole table, including the kid, burst out laughing.

Whitney is another server at Dick’s Last Resort. He’s an “Equal Opportunity Insulter” who is all about having fun and cutting jokes with his patrons as well. He walks out with his server tray and yells “OKAAY! Here’s some road kill I rassled up!” - whatever “rassled” means. This guy kind of lives in the moment for his entire shift, which is what Dick’s is all about.

Brandy always gets her job done, which includes making her guests laugh their butts off as well as serving some of the best food on the beach. “Try not to be cheap,” she bluntly told one customer. “Get an appetizer.”
She’s really cool at heart, and you can tell her customers love her to death. “Oh so you’ve been to Dick’s before?” she asks her table.

“Yes,” they responded.

“And you came back?”
Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about Phone Book Frank, who can tear a phone book in half like it’s tissue paper. “Did it cost you a lot to look that cheap?” he asked one girl. She just screamed, surprised that her server was so rude and nice at the same time. He and all the other servers don’t care if you joke on them back because it’s all done in good fun.
Visit Dick’s Last Resort at 4700 Highway 17 South at Barefoot Landing, just a few miles north of the Caravelle Resort, where you’ll get 15% off with your VMB Card. Have fun, and bring your insults with you!

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